Stephanie Tansey


Stephanie Tansey, Co-founder, Director


Ms. Tansey trains educators and community members in ECCN's community dialogue skills programs. Dialogue Skills helps people communicate so they are heard.  She has taught in the U.S., China, Israel and Nigeria.

Ms. Tansey created Real World Classroom pedagogy and methodology at Beijing Normal University (2010-2014) designed to enable student teachers learn and experience the dialogue skills that can help people and communities become more sustainable. Students at the African School of Excellence in Suleja, Nigeria changed dramatically as did the community around them during her one year (2008-2009) with them. She established the New School of Collaborative Learning (NSCL), an international bilingual school in Beijing in (1994-2004), looking for ways to help Chinese and Americans live, work and prosper together.

Stephanie B. Tansey, M.S.

Mobile: 202-341-9784/15311301488                       

626 Ingraham Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20011, U.S.A.



Offices: Michigan: 44875 Bayview Avenue, Clinton, MI 48038 and Brightwood Community Dialogue Center, 712 Kennedy Street, Washington, DC 20011




Director, Earth Charter Communities Network (ECCN) L3C, established 2012, subsidiary Brightwood Community Dialogue Center, Washington, DC. Our mission is to develop dialogue skills in the US and China into a field of study centered on sustainable community education.  Community Dialogue Skills helps people speak and write so they are heard.


Finding Common Ground: Experiential, Conscious, Intercultural Lifelong Learning Programs: Human Rights Education Dialogue Skills, International Student, Scholar and Business Coaching, Nature Education Travel in US and China; Brightwood Community Dialogue Center, Washington, DC established for Community Development and Workforce Integrity Programs


2014-Present Measurement Tool:  OCA Evaluation System for Dialogue Skills





UPEACE Costa Rica, April 2018, Workshop for Creative Educators International Network

Washington, DC, 2017- Present; Are You Woke? Open Mic & Dialogue to deepen community

Washington, DC, 2017 June 26 – August 4, Summer Youth Employment Program Human Rights Education and Practicum

Washington, DC. 2016-18 Brightwood Community Events, at Hattie Holmes Wellness Senior Center Community and Rock Creek Park,

Washington, D.C. 2016 - Director, Brightwood Community Dialogue Center established

Washington, D.C. 2016 - Nature Education Travel to Yellowstone Park for Chinese Educators

East Lansing, MI 2015-2016 ECCN’s International Students and Scholars Preparatory Course for Dialogue Skills for Chinese graduate students attending Michigan State University

Beijing 2015 Beijing, Nova Educator, Beijing Municipal Commission on Science and Technology

Beijing 2015 Foreign Expert, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Women Ambassadors for the Environment

Beijing 2015 at China International Publishing Group Training Center for Ministry of Water

Beijing 2014-15 Private Classes in Dialogue Skills

Beijing 2014 ESD Class of 100 Best Geography Teachers

Beijing 2014 -2015 Municipal Commission on Science and Technology Nova Program

Beijing 2014 at Capital Normal University for Visiting Scholars to the U.S.

Beijing 2014 at UNEP-IEMP at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Beijing 2013 at China International Publishing Group Training Center

Beijing 2013 Dialogue skills class at Beijing World Youth Academy

Beijing 2013, BNU Summer Camp at Olympic Forest Park


2012-Present Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences Consultant:  BAES is in charge of the new Beijing education reform2012-present, workshops and demonstrations around nature education in Beijing; supervising the development of international dialogue and understanding between American nature educators and Chinese master teachers in charge of the new education curriculum.


Beijing, 2011- 2015 Editor: New World Press, China International Publishing Group;

2014 Best Editor Award with Li Shujuan: Stories of My Chinese Journey by Mark Levine

Beijing, 2010- 2014 Beijing Normal University
- Educator

Dialogue Skills and Communication; graduate courses for geography teachers in sustainability education training.  


Nanmazhuang Village, Henan, 2011, Professional Development in village school

Professional development for primary teachers in sustainability education.


U.S. Turkmenistan, Israel, Nigeria 2002-09 Dialogue Skills for Sustainable Living for Teachers, communities and schools


Beijing 1993-2004 New School of Collaborative Learning An international, bicultural K-12 school. Co-founder, Senior Curriculum Advisor:  Taught at all levels.  




President, Creative Educators International Network (CEIN) began in 2003 as encouragement for value creating educators. CEIN became an NGO in 2012 and is dedicated to training local sustainable community educators using value creating education in their home communities. Long-term goal is a United Nations of Education.



Bohm Dialogue Training 2004-2007

Certificate for Completion of Training, China International Publishing Group, 2012, 2014

Certificate in Multi-Track Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, (CIDCM) U of Md. 2004

M.S. in Japanese and Japanese History, Georgetown University, Wash. DC 1982

B.A. in Humanities, New York University, New York. 1978 Founders Day Award

Goddard College, Plainfield, VT  1967-69

Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan, 1956-67



Member, World Summit of Educators. WSEbegan in June 2016 and is dedicated to including global citizen education at all levels of education.  It is led by Ambassador Anwarul Choudhury.

Member, U.S. National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation

National Intercultural Education Leadership Institute

Member: Association of Nature Center Administrators, USA

Member: Academy of Dialogue Professionals

Alumna, New York University

Alumna, Georgetown University



ANT: Asian Network of Trust, Hiroshima, Japan

Brightwood/Petworth Community Association

Earth Charter International



2018 CEIN Community Dialogue Skills Booklet

2017 International Student Coaching Manual

2016 Teacher’s Guide to Finding Common Ground

2015 Teacher’s Guide to using Dialogue Skills for IELTS Training

2012 Recovery of the Heart; Dialogues with People Working toward a Sustainable Beijing, Beijing, New World Press

2007-2014 Curricula for Dialogue Skills in Real World Classrooms, U.S., Israel and Nigeria


Recovery of the Heart, Dialogues with People Working toward a Sustainable Beijing, Beijing, New World Press, 2012


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