Why Choose Us

Dialogue is real communication. Today we need to find common ground not just with nature but with the inner self so that we can learn to trust ourselves again, and consciously seek the authentic in others as well.  Finding common ground empowers us, restores us and enables us to nurture the inner-motivated spirituality to find the moral courage to grow the life and the community we want.   

Chinese and Americans may have completely different cultures and history and maybe this is perhaps why we need each other’s ideas.  We are the true example of diversity in the world, ancient and new histories and cultures.  The ancient histories connect in ways we Americans cannot fathom.  In the same way we Americans are freer to explore new ways of doing things that others see value in too.  Doesn’t nature do the same?  Nature education can show us how to live wisely and prosper together.  

We believe that the key in both countries is to grow sustainable communities. Why?  Because people are the heart of a community.  They recreate the living energy of the planet on the land when the purpose of the land is to put up buildings and associate with one another.   Rather than just thinking top down, bottom up is the way to make sustainability successful in cities.  Nature education, dialogue skills and community building skills can be a guiding force that creates self-motivated people who want to be local and global citizens. This is the way to a just, sustainable and peaceful global community.