How can you deepen the relationships in your community?

How can youdeepen the relationships in your community?

How can you deepen the relationships in your community?

Dialogue connects.  Dialogue matters.  We are so used to debating, not engaging.  We argue instead of locating common areas of interest and concern and feeling good about our friends.  Even our politics are so divisive.

There is another way: 

Dialogue skills can help you:

1. locate where your thinking, judgments and hidden assumptions prevent good relationships

2. reconnect with nature right where you live

3. listen better and locate areas of interest and importance in your work community.

4. build a sustainable community you and your children want to live in

5. realize you can create the community you want, not just wait to do the right thing

6. have neighbors who want to help each other out and spend time together

7. have a community that comes together in times of crisis and creates solutions together  

Intercultural and diverse neighborhoods can have this same richness.  You can create harmony through diversity just like nature does.  We are, after all, part of nature!  We are more alike than different!!

John Dewey said, in Creative Democracy – The Task Before Us:

“I am inclined to believe that the heart and final guarantee of democracy is free gatherings of neighbors on the street corner to discuss back and forth what is read in uncensored news of the day, and in gatherings of friends in the living rooms of houses and apartments to converse freely with one another.” 

Dewey, Creative Democracy” in The Later Works of John Dewey, 1925-1953), vol.14, Jo Ann Boydston, ec., Ernest Nagel, intro. (Carbondale, Ill.: Southern Illinois University Press, 2008). p. 227.

ECCN has enabled people to deepen their dialogue skills all around the world.  We believe that every one of us is an Everyperson – someone whose ideas, character and human dignity matters in the world and will change our society for the better.