International Student Coaching Programs


These programs help students find common ground with Americans at university and in their new home.

1. Dialogue Skills Workshop to help build global and intercultural dialogue and community building skills.

2. Coaching support to help them adjust to their new hometown and university.

Educational Principle

ISC empowers students and scholars create authentic communities both at university and locally.

Our Programs

1. Community Life Skills:  Develop the community life skills to communicate better with their peers, advisers and the local Community.  These skills will transform their writing style towards standard American academic writing practices.  Students will also learn to develop a support community that will support their stay in the U.S. at university and in the local community.  Using real venues to practice and perfect these skills students can develop global workmanship skills and be prepared to contribute to the world.

2. English Foundational Program for Community Life Skills: Personal coaching on oral and written language skills will build the capacity to function both at the university and in the local community.  A community life skills workshop will prepare them to develop American-style academic writing, and learn to network, do presentations and write reports. Using real venues to practice and polish these skills will help them build the global workmanship skills and prepare to contribute to the world.

A.   Special Focus Presentations, Workshops and Seminars

Introduction to Community Life Skills for international students, scholars and administrators in search of better communication, outreach and community building skills to build the global workmanships skills for a better world.

Evaluation System:  Our Community Life Skills criteria and evaluation system will measure their progress.